About My Gaming Situation

I borrowed a copy of Codebreaker that had definitely seen better days, and used the SkipDr on it until it would work if you held your breath (and squinted, crossed your fingers and toes, and jumped up and down while clucking madly like a chicken). I need to tell you one thing. I have 50 games. And 4 cards. They are all full to the brim, especially with how much memory Codebreaker consumes. I kept Codebreaker on my first memory card, which had my most beloved games on it (Dark Cloud, Spyro, Final Fantasy) so I could cheat to my heart’s content. For a while, that worked well. So what went wrong?

I noticed on the Codebreaker menu that I could look at what was on my cards, which is cool, since I could put Codebreaker in, decide what game I wanted to play/destroy, and then find which memory card had the data on it, so that way I wouldn’t have to restart, look at the cards, and then go through the laborious process of getting the Codebreaker to work again (I don’t enjoy jumping up and down and clucking madly like a chicken. It is degrading for me, and it bothers my neighbors). So I was viewing what was on the card, and I discovered that I could condense data to make more space. My first reaction was HOW DID I NOT FIND THIS SOONER!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! and I, without hesitation, condensed all the games that I had not played in the previous 2 weeks (which was about all of them, with the exception of Dark Cloud, Final Fantasy, and Star Ocean. A few others, as well, but…).

I started playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, after that. It was one of the files that I didn’t condense, because I was enjoying the cheats. When the game loaded I discovered that my previous data was gone, somehow. When the game eventually froze, I looked at the memory card– and discovered it was entirely blank.

Now, this is the card that has all of my favorite games. Dark Cloud, for crying out loud, had data from 10 years ago! 10 years! I had maxed out the time on my first profile, and visited the dungeons 376 times (or somewhere in that range. I was trying to get to 999 to see if it was limited to that. I guess I’ll never know, now). My Crash Bandicoot, my Spyro, my Final Fantasy games, my Kingdom Hearts games… All were obliterated somehow– and I assumed that, since it happened to that card that it happened to all of them, and the idea of that was too terrible to imagine, so I simply refused to look at the other 3 cards.

Desperate to see if I could get my data back through Codebreaker, I tried like mad to get it to load– but to no avail. Grand Theft Auto won’t load either, anymore. My PS2 has declared war on me, or so it seems. So, faced with the reality that I would never get that data back, I finally decided to look at the other 3 cards a couple of days ago.

All non-condensed files were saved. However, the funny thing of that is the only other non-condensed file was Star Ocean, which will crash without using Codebreaker– since I was cheating so hard… So I am left with no game files (but maybe two, and one was botched, and corrupt– no idea what game it was, either). So, you see, it was still pretty bad, even though for those 3 cards, I can get back the data, if I ever find another functioning copy of Codebreaker, since the data is still on those cards. The only one that was completely wiped clean was my favorite card, which is definitely the irony of things.

So, I definitely have to replay all of my games due to my stupid decision. I mean, while condensing, I even thought, “maybe I should only do it to one card, to see if it will have any ill effects” but I thought, “I can always replay the games, and besides, it won’t touch Dark Cloud, since I won’t be condensing it!” Shows what I knew.

Now when I get the urge to play a game, I kind of die inside, because I can’t reach the level I wanted to play, typically because it is located in the final hemisphere of the game. So I have to play the game through all the way, which takes all the joy out of it, and by the time I reach the part I wanted to play– if I reach it at all– I am so upset that it takes the satisfaction out of it. I love the games, but if I want to play a specific part, I want that part– not the five hours of gameplay it takes to get to that part. That’s what my save files were for– so I could access the game when and where I wanted to play it!

So, in short, I’m going crazy. I really wish I could do playthrough videos already– but at least I know that I have a buddy (or two) that I can play with when I finally get the materials. I might even be able to start early, depending on what goes on. Denkir seemed interested in doing playthroughs– or maybe I misconstrued. If we got the things needed, we could do voiced-playthroughs on his youtube channel, and just-the-game playthroughs on mine. In any case, it would be fun. And for those of you who hate old games, he has more modern ones. I probably would, too, but I’m broke. And when I get money, it’s not going towards a console– it’s going toward groceries. Lots and lots of groceries. I will be so stocked up that my shelves will overflow and collapse. I’ll have to store food under my bed and in my closet and everywhere between. I don’t care– I just want food in the house again! Consoles can wait until then.