Let it Ensue.

Well, over the course of one day and a sleepless night, I proofread, edited, and FINALLY FINISHED THE STORY of The Door. Yes, I finally finished. That makes it the first story I’ve ever entirely finished. In entirety. Ever, so far. I will remind you that I’ve been writing stories since 3rd grade.

So, yeah. In the near future, maybe I’ll find a publisher that can help me out– and then we’ll have ourselves a novel!

Excitement aside, I’m going to bite the bullet and get to work tonight. My original idea is going to have to wait a while, so until then, I’ll get into the thick of it. As for games to start with… I have a bit of more good news. Due to a string of events I don’t want to explain at this time, I managed to get a free PS3! I have Prototype, Soul Calibur IV, and Ni No Kuni (which was made by Level 5, same people who made Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle! I see many simularities so far!) Sounds good, right? I’m still wondering at this moment which game I’ll play, or whether I’ll just go for my PS2 games first…. Grrr…

If any of these new games interest you, please tell me! I intend to do this in earnest, so I do actually need some feedback. I won’t be able to get any more games for months, and if this doesn’t take off immediately, I might lose the possibility of pursuing it further. Any support is welcome.

So that’s all for this update. I should have another one tonight while I’m editing the footage.


Last Words

I’m exhausted. And hungry.

Screw it, I’ll eat tomorrow.

I’m off, so I can work on stuff that I had put off (like the next Inspiring Song of the Week, or the photos I’m supposed to edit, or the clothes I need to sew, or the drawings I need to start/finish, or the books and stories I need to work on…

Speaking of books and stories, by the way, I added profiles for the characters of The Door to my dA account. If you are interested in The Door (which at one point I intended to serialize on this site), check in my gallery. On the left side of the gallery page, there are folders. The one that says The Door Hazy Eyed contains the drawings of Galtiere and the bios I have written. Other concept art will be added eventually, I just have to make time for that later.

The Door

Imagine, if you will, waking up in the hospital after being beaten almost to death. You can’t remember what happened to bring you to this state. Not long after waking up, you find yourself in what must be a dream, staring down a shadow-like figure that is trying to overpower you.

When you wake up, a month later, after having flat-lined, brought yourself back, and being comatose, you want answers. What was that thing that tried to kill you?

There are people out there who can help you. You must find them, and then learn why they targeted you.

But soon, it’s not just about you. Not moments after you find someone who can help, your family is targeted by these shadow-creatures. Why? And how can you get them back?

Beyond our world is another, filled with human desires that are so strong that they gained countenance and body of their own. They appear as Shadows, wandering sometimes in our world. What is their goal? How can they be stopped? The only knowledge that is readily available is that to get to them, you have to open The Door to their world.


I have decided to post this as a teaser, since I am finally over my writer’s block. Like or comment this post if you want me to post the story.