I Didn’t Forget– Internet Just Didn’t Want to Work Yesterday

Yesterday was amazing. Vlad took me shopping, and spent over 100 dollars on me– buying me bras and underwear. Don’t think too hard about it; it counted as my Christmas present, and that was what I asked for. I had 4 bras to my name, one of which broke a strap off, another that has a huge rip in the back where the fastener is, and the other two give me the dreaded “quad-boob” because they don’t fit (plus they’re padded. When you have large breasts, padding is unnecessary and counter-intuitive, in my opinion). So now I have bras that not only fit, but are COMFORTABLE and won’t stab me to death with worn out underwire. I woke up this morning and texted him “BRAAAAAAS~” and said thank you as many times as I could.

I wanted to get on and rave about that last night, but for some reason, this site would crash my Internet… so I ended up getting sucked into all those Gothic web-shops again (after restarting the computer for the umpteenth time).

Also I need to say something important: there is a HUGE storm coming through, targeting my general area directly. There will be ice, snow, and then more ice, at least a combined inch thick. It will be HIGHLY likely that I will lose my power– along with everyone else here. So, in other words, if I disappear after tomorrow, I most likely will have a dead laptop and lit candles. However, this will give me time to draw.

Anyway, those Gothic web-shops are beckoning…. so I’m going to go, and find even more inspiration to draw!

And if anyone’s interested in what web-shops I have been looking at, tell me in the comments! I would be happy to make a top-ten list!