A Change of Pace

I’m not out of ideas for Inspiring Video of the Week. Not nearly. However, I want to do a video of my choice, since tomorrow is my birthday. I don’t want to disappoint whoever might look forward to the Inspiring Video of the Week, but doing only inspiring videos is a bit dull after a while. To spice it up, I guess, I want to add a song that I really love– regardless of content or message. I have a lot to choose from, so it might take me a little bit to choose as well as to make the video– but… well…
I guess it would be smarter to go on and start looking rather than type about needing to look. So yeah…


It Will Be Here Soon—I Promise!!!

That’s right, I’m uploading the Inspirational Music Video of the Week tonight/this morning. I actually should get some sleep, since I have to work in the morning… but you know what, I feel like someone needs it right now. (Has someone in mind)

I won’t spoil what it is until I have it on Youtube (which will take roughly 20 mins if I’m lucky), but I will say it is nostalgic of my childhood, and has always had an impact on me—especially the beautiful video which tells a heartwrenching story that you will wish you could read more of. However, the reason it leaves off the way it does, in my opinion, is because **************SPOILERS. Never mind***********************

So anyway. I’m going to eat noodles and wait for it to load. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I won’t be lucky (will probably an hour. Oops. No sleep tonight).

Why I Haven’t Been Posting Much

I am easily distracted, I will admit that. The list of things I want to do are ever growing, and yet time and family and friends and sleeping limit what I actually can do. There was a time when I was posting multiple things a day on here, and checking two or three times to make sure everything was properly spelt and capitalized. It seems I just rushed it, so that way whoever is reading would have the illusion that I was here. But I haven’t been “here” in a while. My mind wanders here, but I seem to lose my ideas as soon as the page loads.

I started about a dozen posts, and then scrapped them because I completely forgot what I was going to write about. I do this every day when talking to people, so I’m used to it in that context, however my computer, my keyboard… That is my safe place. My ideas flow easily from my fingertips to the keys, and since I can keep up with my mind when I type (can’t say the same for writing by hand– carpal tunnel to prove it) I am not used to having the problem of uninspired, generic posts. I mean, if I got on Facebook (God forbid), a couple of these posts seem like a common post you’d find on there.

That is unacceptable.

So, perhaps the reason I’ve halted on so many of those potential posts was because, if I were reading that post, I would not even care. That is the definition of Facebook: People you like say things that usually make you wonder why you like them– or is it just me?

At least I won’t sink so low that I start making posts about the food I’m eating, although I admit groaning about how there’s no food in the house is a bit worse.

In conclusion… I am apologizing for my neglect of My Only Reality. When I get home from work, I need to start working on next week’s Inspiring Video, so that way I don’t end up almost a week late again. I need to get back in the game, not forcefully, but not halfheartedly, either.

I will be thinking while I’m at work. If anyone has any suggestions for me, whether it be a question, or encouragement, or even a request for the next Inspiring Video, please don’t hesitate! I love hearing from people, and I love knowing that people still read these long-winded posts (Readers Unite)!

Inspiring Song of the Week– Sorry! (WORLDUNITE by Neko)

I tried to post this twice. I thought it worked, but I was wrong.
This is another song by Neko, who brought us Remember and my favorite version of Ponponpon. I recently discovered that this is all just the one guy. The instruments, the screaming and singing, it is shockingly all done by the one guy. That is impressive! Take notes, pop artists! Talent, good lyrics, quality sound, and ACTUAL FEELING when you sing. That is what modern pop seems to be lacking. Or maybe it’s just me.
Anyway, about the song itself, the title says it all. WORLDUNITE by Neko. Be sure to look for more of their songs. I definitely will be.
I didn’t sub this video. I take no credit for anything other than posting it for you peoples to listen to and enjoy. And I’m rambling.

Papa Roach – Kick In The Teeth

Here it is, the newest Inspiring Song of the Week. For some reason, it won’t let me search for it on Youtube– because of safe search. No idea why that applies to this video, as it contains no adult language, nor anything offensive other than mild violence– and other posts of just the video itself were available…. I hate safe search.

Inspirational Music Video of the Week

As promised, here another Inspirational song that I’d like to share with you. This one has no lyrics, has nothing but the feeling, and the performance. That is what makes it so special. The first time I heard it, I was away from the computer, listening to a new playlist, and when I started listening to it I realized how heartfelt it was. I could feel what it was, but being the dense person I am, I couldn’t place my finger on the emotion it was embodying. So I sat down and watched the performance, and after that, I actually read the title. This performance is by Malice Mizer, from long ago when an extremely talented man named Gackt was the lead singer. This video made me a fan of Gackt—can you blame me?!—and even my mother (who tells me to get “all that Chinese-stuff” away from her) approved. The man on the drums was Kami (RIP). Also, if you pull this particular video up on YouTube, you can download the mp3 from a link in the description. So, I share today, Malice Mizer’s LIVE performance of Regret. (I have no rights to this video. I just love it a lot.)

Now, with how absolutely amazing this song is… I hope it has the same effect on you as it does me—because it gets me up and running. It is beautiful, inspiring, and so heartfelt that I believe it could make puppies cry. I listen to this song frequently enough that it has the effect of calming me from anger and giving me the determination to work on/finish old and forgotten projects. This song can make me face just about anything—and that is what true music does.