Sudden Mood Boost

Well, I realized something: Vlad ordered my Ring this month! Now, for those of you who don’t know, he and I intend to get married (in 4 to 7 years, but it is definite!) and we have mused the idea of getting a ring to prove it… however, we don’t want to freak his parents out. Let me explain: his parents don’t even want him to spend the night at my house. If they saw an engagement ring on my finger, they would have heart attacks and assume that I was pregnant (which I am definitely not). So the solution was to appeal to the “Gothier” side of things. While surfing websites (the Victorian Trading Co. to be exact) I came across a Betrothal Ring, and gushed about it to Vlad.

He said, “Wow, that’s cheap. Are you sure you want that?” and I just looked at him.

“Are you normal?” I asked him. “I am saying I will be more than satisfied with something utterly lacking diamonds. Something that is roughly 50 dollars.”

“Are YOU normal?” He quipped. “I’m just saying that I’ll buy you a big rock if you want.”

I shook my head and laughed at him. “The size of a stone doesn’t equal how much you love me. Plus, I would feel uncomfortable with a huge diamond on me. Do not want.”

He just shrugged and said, “So you’re sure you want it? It has a heart on it.”

“But it’s red. And not extremely girly.” I countered. “It would fit in with everything else I own and want to own. Get it.”

And that was the conversation ender. It is in the works. I have no idea when it will arrive, but can’t wait to get it!

betrothal ring

So yeah. Maybe I’ll randomly post a picture of my hand wearing this in a few weeks! (*happy kitty-face*)


(Insert Something Interesting Here)

I have some news, kind of. I was invited to join a group on dA (a metal group ^_^), which is awesome. I don’t know how they came across me, really, but it makes me feel glad that they did. I haven’t posted anything on there in a looong time, other than bios of characters from The Door. With how busy I’ve been lately, I haven’t had the chance to do any artistic things. I haven’t even been able to sing like I used to.

I just realized something. Earlier, when I was asleep, Vlad called me and woke me up and asked me if I had to work Wednesday. I said I wouldn’t know until probably tomorrow. He said to tell him as soon as possible… I just woke up in my mind, just now, typing… and Wednesday is my birthday. Is he planning something?!

Yeah, it takes me a while to wake up, I guess. I have been up for about an hour now… I still need to run to my mom’s house and spend some time with her before I go to that work-meeting. It will be the first time in quite a while that I attend a work-meeting. I’m a bit excited, which I suppose is a bit funny. However, to those of you who don’t understand what a joy it is to have a job, no matter how “lowly” it may seem, the simple fact is that it is a privilege to work. Especially here of late. Sometime next month, the company that my cousin works at will suddenly shut down. The employees don’t even know when their last day will be. I understand how terrifying it is to be without a job, and I know that time goes on, even when we need it to slow down for us.

I guess I’ve been jumping all over the place in this post, but I am truly at a strange place right now. I keep dreaming about that manga, and I think about it right before I go to sleep, and right when I wake up. Do you understand just how weird that is for me? Rarely do even my OWN stories get me this worked up. It’s terrifyingly amazing.

However, in my last post, I said that it was causing me heart pains. That was most likely a coincidence. I called my doctor and he told me that it was probably too much caffeine. Which I guess could be plausible. I drink nothing but water, since it’s the only thing I have in the house. I get to work and immediately drown myself in caffeinated drinks. Usually it doesn’t bother me, seriously, but if that is what it is, it won’t happen anymore. However, if it persists, I guess we could call those instances panic attacks?

Anyway, sorry if I didn’t make sense much throughout this post. After all, I just woke up, and I will probably forget entirely that I wrote this in about thirty minutes. So…

When did I write this?