Oh, Boy…

Well, I made it through the night– and now I’ll have to make it through the day, too. Vlad is coming over, and it is going to be hard to stay awake. However, it is a necessary thing, because it will put me on a good schedule again… I have to go to my dad’s house tomorrow morning to get my oil changed. I’ve been running the car pretty hard, even knowing that it needed an oil change.

I believe I am insane when it comes to my cars. I name them. Just like my knives, I just have to name them. I have dual daggers named Kono and Hana (anyone who knows Japanese will tell you that they respectively mean “that” and “flower”, however, together, “konohana” is the name of an important figure in Shinto belief, if I am not mistaken. Others might recognize it as the woodsprite from Okami). My pocket-knife’s name is Shiko (as in Death-child). And I have an ornamental katana named Kekkon (which could either translate to bloodstain or marriage. The scabbard and hilt have red speckles on them, like blood, hence the name. But the potential double meaning of the word prompted me to write a story when I got it well over a year ago).

As for cars, my first one I named Senri, which basically means “one thousand units of travel” which was ironic, because I only had him for a week before he was rendered undrivable by means out of my control. No, I didn’t wreck him. He wrecked himself. He was not much younger than me. Next was Kyou, which at the time I mistakenly thought meant “strength” but learned that it meant “today”. Woops. After I crashed Kyou, I eventually ended up with my current car. I waffled back and forth over what to name her, and eventually decided on “Ashita” which means “tomorrow”. See what I did there?

But yes. This had absolutely no relevance whatsoever to anything. It is just an amusing story about how I name just about everything that I love. (In fact, my guitar was named after a character I never got to add into a story. Zucotzo. It doesn’t mean anything. I just liked how it sounded, but never got to use it because I scrapped his story. I also have a hand-blown glass dagger that’s handle is a purple dragon with gilded horns. I named him Spyro, of course!) This post is mainly to keep me awake until Vlad gets here. What we will do today, I don’t know. Probably game, watch funny videos, and go out to eat… so I should be kept awake fairly easy, as long as I’m entertained. Wish me luck!


Well, Isn’t that Sweet?

Hello again, denizens of the webiverse! I am back again, and have some good(?) news for you all.

I am officially working two jobs now. Yup. Official and all that jazz. i start on thirds Thursday evening. I am excited to pull this off. So excited, in fact, that I’m typing too fast and making lots of typos. I swear, for every letter I type, I hit the backspace button at least once.

In other news……

Wait. That’s all?!

Eh, it seemed like more.

I’ve been playing Okami a lot. It cheers me up when I’m sad. You know, with the amazing soundtrack, stellar story… Anyway.

Now that I have both jobs, and one of them will be producing a sizable amount of moolah, even if the other one offers only scant hours, I should be able to pay off my debt quickly, if not easily. All without getting a loan.

Vlad and my anniversary is coming up. It is the 25th, and we will have been together for 4 years! I’m hoping that I can find something for him that won’t throw me too off with my bills. But what do you buy an adult child who has everything he wants (and the only things i know he likes are waaaaay out of my budget)?!

But, you know, life is going on. I’ve had my ups and downs lately, depression-wise. It’s kind of steady. I just wonder how that will be when Vlad moves to Lexington without me. I haven’t told you guys yet, I bet, but I am not going after all. It’s too much of a risk, and… well… Vlad basically said he’d rather me stay here. I have more here if I need help. So even though I don’t want to be that far away, I guess it’s just something we’ll have to do.

And I haven’t given up on doing let’s plays, either. I don’t have the software or hardware for it yet, but once I save up enough for it, I won’t waste time.

If you have any questions about the new project, or anything else, feel free to ask. When I am conscious again, I will answer!

Wish me luck. I have to stay up all night tonight and half of the day tomorrow to effectively screw up my sleeping patterns again. Third~shifts~!

How to Make Cleaning Extremely Fun

The soundtrack to Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is an amazing one. This might not be the first time I’ve said this.

My point being is that anything you do while listening to that soundtrack will automatically make everything seem amaaaazing. Even cleaning. It will feel like it is a chore to define the world itself. With this swiffer, I decide the fate of the world! That kind of thing.

For those of you who don’t game, or never did get that game in particular (PS2), like or comment, and I will make it the first game I do a walk-through of on the Internetz. Although the voice-acting is deplorable, and the movements during cutscenes a tad awkward at times, the game itself is amazing. The soundtrack in particular is what makes the game so amazing, in my opinion.

Anyway, I need to go before I stay up too late. I must work in the morning, so it matters… So good night, all, and I will post again in roughly 17 hours.

Sudden Mood Boost

Well, I realized something: Vlad ordered my Ring this month! Now, for those of you who don’t know, he and I intend to get married (in 4 to 7 years, but it is definite!) and we have mused the idea of getting a ring to prove it… however, we don’t want to freak his parents out. Let me explain: his parents don’t even want him to spend the night at my house. If they saw an engagement ring on my finger, they would have heart attacks and assume that I was pregnant (which I am definitely not). So the solution was to appeal to the “Gothier” side of things. While surfing websites (the Victorian Trading Co. to be exact) I came across a Betrothal Ring, and gushed about it to Vlad.

He said, “Wow, that’s cheap. Are you sure you want that?” and I just looked at him.

“Are you normal?” I asked him. “I am saying I will be more than satisfied with something utterly lacking diamonds. Something that is roughly 50 dollars.”

“Are YOU normal?” He quipped. “I’m just saying that I’ll buy you a big rock if you want.”

I shook my head and laughed at him. “The size of a stone doesn’t equal how much you love me. Plus, I would feel uncomfortable with a huge diamond on me. Do not want.”

He just shrugged and said, “So you’re sure you want it? It has a heart on it.”

“But it’s red. And not extremely girly.” I countered. “It would fit in with everything else I own and want to own. Get it.”

And that was the conversation ender. It is in the works. I have no idea when it will arrive, but can’t wait to get it!

betrothal ring

So yeah. Maybe I’ll randomly post a picture of my hand wearing this in a few weeks! (*happy kitty-face*)

I Didn’t Forget– Internet Just Didn’t Want to Work Yesterday

Yesterday was amazing. Vlad took me shopping, and spent over 100 dollars on me– buying me bras and underwear. Don’t think too hard about it; it counted as my Christmas present, and that was what I asked for. I had 4 bras to my name, one of which broke a strap off, another that has a huge rip in the back where the fastener is, and the other two give me the dreaded “quad-boob” because they don’t fit (plus they’re padded. When you have large breasts, padding is unnecessary and counter-intuitive, in my opinion). So now I have bras that not only fit, but are COMFORTABLE and won’t stab me to death with worn out underwire. I woke up this morning and texted him “BRAAAAAAS~” and said thank you as many times as I could.

I wanted to get on and rave about that last night, but for some reason, this site would crash my Internet… so I ended up getting sucked into all those Gothic web-shops again (after restarting the computer for the umpteenth time).

Also I need to say something important: there is a HUGE storm coming through, targeting my general area directly. There will be ice, snow, and then more ice, at least a combined inch thick. It will be HIGHLY likely that I will lose my power– along with everyone else here. So, in other words, if I disappear after tomorrow, I most likely will have a dead laptop and lit candles. However, this will give me time to draw.

Anyway, those Gothic web-shops are beckoning…. so I’m going to go, and find even more inspiration to draw!

And if anyone’s interested in what web-shops I have been looking at, tell me in the comments! I would be happy to make a top-ten list!