How to Make Cleaning Extremely Fun

The soundtrack to Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is an amazing one. This might not be the first time I’ve said this.

My point being is that anything you do while listening to that soundtrack will automatically make everything seem amaaaazing. Even cleaning. It will feel like it is a chore to define the world itself. With this swiffer, I decide the fate of the world! That kind of thing.

For those of you who don’t game, or never did get that game in particular (PS2), like or comment, and I will make it the first game I do a walk-through of on the Internetz. Although the voice-acting is deplorable, and the movements during cutscenes a tad awkward at times, the game itself is amazing. The soundtrack in particular is what makes the game so amazing, in my opinion.

Anyway, I need to go before I stay up too late. I must work in the morning, so it matters… So good night, all, and I will post again in roughly 17 hours.


Sure Hope This Goes Well

I’m home alone, now, and I’ve been up since 5:30 am. I feel like I’m going to pass out any moment now… but I really want to work on that drawing. I have most of the first step done, and if I keep on it I should have it finished by 1 am, but… I am just afraid that I will end up sacrificing quality due to exhaustion. I’m stuck here. Do I make some hot tea and stay up half the night playing old Spyro games and working on a drawing, or do I get some rest and hope I have the inspiration necessary to work on it tomorrow? I’m not sure about anyone else, but for some reason, the sunlight takes away my will to draw things. Makes no sense, but whatever.

I elect the idea involving caffeine. Just hope I don’t have more chest pain. And maybe some cute music will wake me up (Ah, classic Spyro games… your soundtracks forever haunt me in a good way.)

Ah, and now I officially want to listen to chains upon chains of beautiful OSTs. Final Fantasy X, Dark Cloud, Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Destroy All Humans, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence… and others. Anyone who does not think video games are art truly does not understand the concept of art, am I right? If movies are art, what makes them art? The embodiment of an idea, or a way to evoke a feeling or response from an audience. That is what art is! Video games such as Shadow of the Colossus do that through engaging gameplay and an UTTERLY FLAWLESS soundtrack. Not to mention the gorgeous story with that completely unexpected ending– and the graphics! Oh, the graphics!

…Ahem… Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to start fangirl-ing.

In any case, that little rant alone gave me some energy. I will now listen to game soundtracks until the drawing is finished! I don’t have to work for a few days, so my sleeping pattern can be tweaked again. Yay for being young and able to manipulate sleeping patterns!

Anyhow, I might not post anything else tonight. I might collapse after finally finishing all editing, and not get around to posting anything until tomorrow… nonetheless, I’ll cross that hurdle eventually. Just as long as the sun doesn’t rise while I work…

Ohh, My Head…. And Heart

Sorry, I know I’ve been gone a while, but I have a perfectly reasonable explanation.

I fell in love with a story! I read probably 2 gigantic novels’ worth of pages online in just three days– unless you count the two nights I stayed up. I ran out of chapters– SOMEONE PLEASE TRANSLATE THE NEXT ISSUE!!!!!!!

Now, if you would like to experience the story, I would like to tell you about it a bit. It is a manga (a Japanese comic book, “basically”) and it is about revenge! (and later, love!) I was in high school and a friend brought the issues from home, and I read them much in the way I devour a chocolate lava cake (which is to say gruesomely fast and happily). However, she ran out of issues, and I ran out of interest– since I had no possible way to get ahold of the manga itself, and at the time I had no internet connection, so I couldn’t read it online.

So a few days ago, I happened to think: “I should look it up, and see if it’s on here.” when I was browsing through I found it, and thought, I should read up the first pages, since I can’t really remember much about it…

And that’s where I lost my mind.

I will explain something: I don’t watch movies, don’t get absorbed in tv shows, and I don’t read much anymore. Why? Because I become one with the character. I read it so deeply that I dream about it, and the moods of the characters intertwine with mine. In fact, last night when I was at work, I started having heart pain. There was no reason for that- really. I haven’t felt that kind of pain since I fell in love with Vlad (my fiance). I am literally feeling what the main character of the story feels. It’s unbelievably scary!

But, to make it worse, I’m utterly doomed as of today! I reached the end of the series so far– Until someone translates the next entry. And where it left off……… I am going to die.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (click here for awesomeness)

But, no matter how long it takes, I am going to wait patiently (yea right) for the next issue. Because I don’t know where to find the Japanese pages and translate them myself. Plus, my computer hates me enough that it won’t even let me access that link I inserted above. If it doesn’t work, please tell me so I can fix it.


Sorry It Took So Long: Inspiring Video Of The Week: 3 Doors Down- Away From the Sun!

I know what you’re thinking: I waited a little long to post the video on the blog– but I had to get some sleep, and by time it was uploaded, it was almost 4 in the morning. I was supposed to get up at 8:30, so I could go pay a bill before work– I woke up 40 minutes late for work, to the sound of someone from work calling me and telling me I was supposed to be there. I panicked.

It has been a day– but not a bad one! Anyway, on a more relevant note, this is the video I threw together this week. Years and years ago, when my school life was hell (that never really changed, so… the earlier years, to be a bit more specific), I found this song, and later, the video. It inspired me, and even today, watching it, it can cause me to tear up. Now, for the benefit of those who might not fully understand the video, or the song– I will put a brief interview that I found last night of the band speaking about the song and its video. The concept is one that everyone can identify with– not just people who go through the same torments as the kid in the video. As Brad (the lead singer of 3 Doors Down) so rightly said, “We’re all in a struggle… We’re all trying to climb that hill.”

It Will Be Here Soon—I Promise!!!

That’s right, I’m uploading the Inspirational Music Video of the Week tonight/this morning. I actually should get some sleep, since I have to work in the morning… but you know what, I feel like someone needs it right now. (Has someone in mind)

I won’t spoil what it is until I have it on Youtube (which will take roughly 20 mins if I’m lucky), but I will say it is nostalgic of my childhood, and has always had an impact on me—especially the beautiful video which tells a heartwrenching story that you will wish you could read more of. However, the reason it leaves off the way it does, in my opinion, is because **************SPOILERS. Never mind***********************

So anyway. I’m going to eat noodles and wait for it to load. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I won’t be lucky (will probably an hour. Oops. No sleep tonight).

Inspiring Song of the Week– Sorry! (WORLDUNITE by Neko)

I tried to post this twice. I thought it worked, but I was wrong.
This is another song by Neko, who brought us Remember and my favorite version of Ponponpon. I recently discovered that this is all just the one guy. The instruments, the screaming and singing, it is shockingly all done by the one guy. That is impressive! Take notes, pop artists! Talent, good lyrics, quality sound, and ACTUAL FEELING when you sing. That is what modern pop seems to be lacking. Or maybe it’s just me.
Anyway, about the song itself, the title says it all. WORLDUNITE by Neko. Be sure to look for more of their songs. I definitely will be.
I didn’t sub this video. I take no credit for anything other than posting it for you peoples to listen to and enjoy. And I’m rambling.

Inspirational Music Video of the Week

As promised, here another Inspirational song that I’d like to share with you. This one has no lyrics, has nothing but the feeling, and the performance. That is what makes it so special. The first time I heard it, I was away from the computer, listening to a new playlist, and when I started listening to it I realized how heartfelt it was. I could feel what it was, but being the dense person I am, I couldn’t place my finger on the emotion it was embodying. So I sat down and watched the performance, and after that, I actually read the title. This performance is by Malice Mizer, from long ago when an extremely talented man named Gackt was the lead singer. This video made me a fan of Gackt—can you blame me?!—and even my mother (who tells me to get “all that Chinese-stuff” away from her) approved. The man on the drums was Kami (RIP). Also, if you pull this particular video up on YouTube, you can download the mp3 from a link in the description. So, I share today, Malice Mizer’s LIVE performance of Regret. (I have no rights to this video. I just love it a lot.)

Now, with how absolutely amazing this song is… I hope it has the same effect on you as it does me—because it gets me up and running. It is beautiful, inspiring, and so heartfelt that I believe it could make puppies cry. I listen to this song frequently enough that it has the effect of calming me from anger and giving me the determination to work on/finish old and forgotten projects. This song can make me face just about anything—and that is what true music does.