I’m Somewhere Between Annoyance and Fear

Vlad is outside. He’s been outside for roughly thirty minutes now. He’s banging on my door, on my window– with a cane. The noise is grating, and my head is protesting. If Brahm’s daughter were here right now, I would have run him off somehow so she wouldn’t be afraid… but she’s not here, and I know he wants to talk to me. Brahm told him that this is harassment, and that we can call the cops on him…. but my phone broke weeks ago, and his phone is out of minutes. We’re trapped here, and he just keeps insistently rapping that damn cane against my window. He says he doesn’t have anywhere to be for three more hours.

I don’t understand why he doesn’t quit, why he doesn’t leave. I am afraid to talk to him. I’ve been having nightmares about him for over a week.

I rather hope he’s knocking with the cane, with how hard and loudly he’s knocking. At one point, I feared the window would break behind my head while I was still in bed.

This is much worse than those zombie dreams I used to have. Perhaps because they, at least, are not waking reality. Will he really leave at six o’clock?


So Much For That

Between wavering Internet connection and everything that’s going on over here, I have not gamed in about a week, unless I’m forgetting something. Hopefully I’ll be able to finally do something tonight. I just wish I could decide on what game to start with.

Let it Ensue.

Well, over the course of one day and a sleepless night, I proofread, edited, and FINALLY FINISHED THE STORY of The Door. Yes, I finally finished. That makes it the first story I’ve ever entirely finished. In entirety. Ever, so far. I will remind you that I’ve been writing stories since 3rd grade.

So, yeah. In the near future, maybe I’ll find a publisher that can help me out– and then we’ll have ourselves a novel!

Excitement aside, I’m going to bite the bullet and get to work tonight. My original idea is going to have to wait a while, so until then, I’ll get into the thick of it. As for games to start with… I have a bit of more good news. Due to a string of events I don’t want to explain at this time, I managed to get a free PS3! I have Prototype, Soul Calibur IV, and Ni No Kuni (which was made by Level 5, same people who made Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle! I see many simularities so far!) Sounds good, right? I’m still wondering at this moment which game I’ll play, or whether I’ll just go for my PS2 games first…. Grrr…

If any of these new games interest you, please tell me! I intend to do this in earnest, so I do actually need some feedback. I won’t be able to get any more games for months, and if this doesn’t take off immediately, I might lose the possibility of pursuing it further. Any support is welcome.

So that’s all for this update. I should have another one tonight while I’m editing the footage.


I think I might have access again. Might not be permanent… but use it while you got it, eh?

Have not made any headway on the stuff. Got something kind of special planned… Might take a while.

I have become addicted to Skyrim. God help me.

Oh Noes

Well, I really had the best intentions of keeping the blog up, but my Internet seems to be gone for the time being. Unless I go to my mom’s or somewhere with free wi-fi, I won’t be able to post anything. Despite this, I will try to keep you posted.

Still intending to do playthroughs, too. but might be on hold until I get steady access.

Still open to suggestions, game-wise. One that I might consider is Lords of Shadow one and two. Saw Brahm playing it and it looked like fun. Also, I have an SNES emulator that has stored in it every SNES game, apparently. SWEET NOSTALGIA!

Anyway, next time I have access, I will update, and hopefully have a video or four to post. I will try to take record of all the games so everyone can see the wealth of options. Gotta go!

Okay, Guys. Down to Business. Calling All Gamers!

Well, here we are. I have the basic equipment I needed for the gameplay videos. Now I just need to find out what game to start with. I should probably start out with some relatively short games, so Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and a few others would work well, however I wanted to wait until we have a PS3 so we can play the newer edition– at least for Ico, since that will unlock 2p capabilities.

Anyhow, I also have the capability to play such games as Don’t Starve, and quite a few SNES games using an emulator (Most of these SNES games are from my early childhood, and I am excited to play them. In fact, a few of them, I dare say, started me on the path of the gamer. A few are Mickey Mania, Paperboy, Donkey Kong, and a few others. I intend to get some that I missed out on as a kid, such as Fire Emblem and Chrono Trigger– and for the horror lovers, Clock Tower).

So yes, any suggestions will be heard! The list of games I own for PS2 are in this post: https://myonlyreality.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/list-of-games-i-have-to-replay-due-to-memory-card-destruction/