I’m Somewhere Between Annoyance and Fear

Vlad is outside. He’s been outside for roughly thirty minutes now. He’s banging on my door, on my window– with a cane. The noise is grating, and my head is protesting. If Brahm’s daughter were here right now, I would have run him off somehow so she wouldn’t be afraid… but she’s not here, and I know he wants to talk to me. Brahm told him that this is harassment, and that we can call the cops on him…. but my phone broke weeks ago, and his phone is out of minutes. We’re trapped here, and he just keeps insistently rapping that damn cane against my window. He says he doesn’t have anywhere to be for three more hours.

I don’t understand why he doesn’t quit, why he doesn’t leave. I am afraid to talk to him. I’ve been having nightmares about him for over a week.

I rather hope he’s knocking with the cane, with how hard and loudly he’s knocking. At one point, I feared the window would break behind my head while I was still in bed.

This is much worse than those zombie dreams I used to have. Perhaps because they, at least, are not waking reality. Will he really leave at six o’clock?


One thought on “I’m Somewhere Between Annoyance and Fear

  1. That’s… extremely creepy; might want to get some sort of police intervention.

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