Oh Noes

Well, I really had the best intentions of keeping the blog up, but my Internet seems to be gone for the time being. Unless I go to my mom’s or somewhere with free wi-fi, I won’t be able to post anything. Despite this, I will try to keep you posted.

Still intending to do playthroughs, too. but might be on hold until I get steady access.

Still open to suggestions, game-wise. One that I might consider is Lords of Shadow one and two. Saw Brahm playing it and it looked like fun. Also, I have an SNES emulator that has stored in it every SNES game, apparently. SWEET NOSTALGIA!

Anyway, next time I have access, I will update, and hopefully have a video or four to post. I will try to take record of all the games so everyone can see the wealth of options. Gotta go!


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