Art/Writer’s Block

I feel the inspiration there, and I am drawing on it, but nothing seems to come out right. It’s confusing, terrible, and driving me slightly more insane than I already believe I am.

Other than that, I am okay (based solely on the fact that I’m alive and I have people who love me). I have not had any depression-attacks (just a few anxiety attacks, but you can’t have it all, right?) and I’ve been setting more of these “goal” things. I’ve already decided that the first things I buy when I finally buy the Goth merch. will be:

1) A messenger bag (hopefully with a motif on it, or chains, or something cool). empire intrepid valise dark star red gothic pvc coffin cross messenger bag black_skull_studded_convertible_shoulder_messenger_bag_purses_and_handbags_5 gothic_brocade_cross_messenger_bag_roseanne_jones_messenger_bags_2

2) good quality makeup (I bought 3 tubes of black lipstick when I last encountered a Hot Topic, and ALL THREE are messed up. Plus, I have no powder, nor eyeshadow that is not glittery nor blue). frost_grande jet_grande red_mascara dead_essentials_gothic_coffin_makeup_kit_large_cosmetics_and_make_up_2 bat-black-lipstick

3) these awesome patches from rebel’s market (so i can put them on pants that need a little more punch, or maybe that messenger bag I was talking about).dont_steal_the_government_hates_competition_patch_patches_2 dont_take_life_so_seriously_it_isnt_permanent_patch_patches_2 fear_no_evil_iron_patch_patches_2 flying_skull_gothic_cross_6_embroidered_patch_patches_2 grim_reaper_red_patch_16cm_x_13_5cm_patches_2 if_all_else_fails_lower_your_standards_patch_patches_2

(by the way, I do not own any of these images, nor the goods portrayed upon them. But tell me they’re not awesome!)

Suggested sites (these are some of my personal favorites) if you’re interested: Rebel’s Market
Alchemy Gothic
Mystic Crypt
Tragic Beautiful


What do you think?

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