Feeling Better Now

I’ve been busier at work. Like, much busier. When I get home, I’m exhausted, mentally. I don’t work fast enough (something’s always wrong, you know? I hate that, but it seems like a pattern here.) so I get pushed a lot by the people I work with. Not physically (most of the time, heh) but still…

But oh well. I’m learning. I can learn fast, but to do the task fast, I have to take my time. And then there are times when I suddenly kick into overdrive (like when I’m angry, or when I’m afraid. In that situation, I could run the entire station by myself for quite a while.) and I bump into people a lot.

I pulled a 10-hour shift today, and can’t fall asleep yet. Mind won’t let me, even though I got very little sleep last night… Come to think of it, I have a sandwich in my car that I forgot to bring in to eat. Never got a bite of it! I had fun at work, though, for the most part–

My thoughts are bouncing around a bit too chaotically. That’s why this seems too jumpy and spastic. I should get off of here before I start typing random stupid stuff. Plus, I have to wake up even earlier tomorrow…

I will try to update tomorrow, but will have company, so if I don’t, don’t worry. I’m not dead. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll stream something. Never know. Might be fun.


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