So Much For That

I have been sitting here, staring at my screen for a very… very long time. I am exhausted to the point that if I were to close my eyes longer than a blink, I would be unable to open them back up. I was intending to work on a drawing (which I glanced at, and realized that it had been going very well. Hopefully, I should be able to pick it back up soon), but that didn’t happen. The Internet captured me, and decided that the 7 steps from here to where the paper is were too unnecessary.

Then again, it decides on a daily basis that I only need to eat if I’m at work, or once a day. That explains why I’ve dropped 20 pounds, and am still shrinking. I have had to get rid of pants– and that’s new for me. Never in my life have I needed to downsize… it feels good.

Don’t think that I’m starving myself. Trust me, I’m okay. I still eat like a horse, whenever I actually get around to eating. I just don’t eat as often.

In other news, I need to work on a story chapter before I pass out, so that way there was some productivity tonight. So, in case I don’t post it until tomorrow, good night, everyone!

And one last thing: if anonymity is what you seek, I still have a hesitant tumblr account. If you want to ask a question, feel free to anonymously. I will put up a link to that in the near future– to those of you who feel like doing that now,      it says “Ask Me Anything” right above the search bar on the left side of the screen.

Now, unless it’s hateful, I will answer anything. Seriously, anything.

That’s enough for tonight. Good night, everyone!


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