Like or Comment If You Would Watch Me Livestream Video Game Playthroughs

Title says it all. But, just to clarify, or to elaborate:

After I take out this loan, I will be a little bit up, I expect. I will be able to save money, again, or at least I hope so. In any case, I should be able to pay off all of my debt, and not have this overwhelming fear swallowing me up… And since that debt will be a lump sum that I will then owe the bank, I should be able to focus easier on “keeping my head above water” as Vlad likes to say (a lot). Now, since I will be “above water,” I should be able to afford the cheap equipment necessary to make online videos of me playing the games. This will be a lot of fun for me, and I sincerely hope it pays off… Who knows? If I do well enough with it, I could be doing much better than merely “keeping my head above water.”

On the downside, I might not be able to do these things on youtube. I might have to use Twitch, which I found through Denkir the Filtiarn (he streams video of himself playing games, frequently), and then just upload the video itself directly to this blog. That won’t be a problem, for me. However, I don’t think I’d make any money doing that. That’s not the main goal, mind you, but the state I’m in currently demands I consider money no matter how slim the chance I’ll actually get it.

If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears (0r eyes, since I’ll be reading them…) I seriously need all the help I can get!


6 thoughts on “Like or Comment If You Would Watch Me Livestream Video Game Playthroughs

  1. nakupaku says:

    Just a old school tip! Be your self, try to be funny, and enjoy making them. So that we can enjoy watching! šŸ˜€ have a great day best wishes for the future.

    • Lol I know that ^_^
      Just seeing what I have to work with, here. Once I get that stuff sorted out, might be able to afford the hardware. So I was just seeing if there would be anyone watching. You know how awkward I am– I just want to see how much stage-fright I’ll be facing lol.

      • nakupaku says:

        Don’t worry that happens, let me tell you something it dosent mater your look if you are happy and giving great content or video on you tube or twitch. Just go for it, at excessive the only people can do is make fun of you or you’r voice that doest matter till you have a single fan left to watch you.

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