6 thoughts on “What It Truly Means To Hate Yourself

  1. I’m kind of disappointed in myself for not actively trying to offer assistance to the members of our group throughout High School; I tried actively to help discourage beraters in my presence but that could only do so much it seems. I feel a deep regret for not expressing my thoughts on issues plaguing the group, to express full empathy and help ease the burdens each of you carried. Things I could have said in the past don’t have the same impact as they do now, but be that as it may I’ll give it a fair shot; allow me to succumb to my true self for a moment to find the right words.

    We all must cast away our old masks and reform them anew, before we actively pursue the lives we wish to live we must first accept ourselves and reflect on the paths that lead us to our current situation. Dwell not on the faults of the past, learn from your experiences and apply that knowledge to the present and future. Be cautious when dealing with society, people can be cruel but don’t barricade everyone out as those worth being associated with are well worth the effort to find. Shrug off the mistakes of years past, don’t let the negative opinions of those you don’t hold in high regard impact your thoughts so deeply. Remember it is at the bottom of the darkest pit, the lowest point in life, that we reach true enlightenment; a crossroads appears, do you give up or push onwards? As long as a thread remains to grab onto do not give up hope and pull yourself out of the pits of despair. Be true to yourself and stand firm in your resolve; actually remain firm but malleable, you must be open to new experiences to get the most out of life. Don’t let people chain you down either, never get bound to a situation you don’t feel will lead you to the right path; voice your concerns, even if they aren’t what the other person wants to hear, BE ASSERTIVE.

    (That probably digressed and may or may not be a fitting response in its entirety, disregard parts that don’t fit.)

  2. I suppose a shorter version of what I meant is.

    I feel regret that I did not influence you to forgo your feelings of self hate back then, the fact I allowed you to feel so broken for so long is a failure on my part because I consider myself a voice of reason within our group of friends. Generally I feel I am the most level headed male in our group and I find a niche in being the person people can express their feelings to and, due to my ability to process that through both an empathetic, emotional point of view and a cold, logical, emotionless point of view, return valuable feedback.

  3. karenzai says:

    I absolutely understand what it means and how it feels to truly hate oneself. Thank you for your courageous honesty here! It means a lot to many people, depressed or not. The lies of depression are incredibly sneaky and insidious. I actually blogged about what they did to me here, hope you are also encouraged by it: http://karenwriteshere.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/happiness-hope-reason-and-other-things-we-take-for-granted/

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