Took Me a Couple of Hours, but There It Is

A new page was added just a little while ago, detailing my reason for depression. I touched on this in my About Nina page, as well as a few of my other posts… however, I got the idea for this and ran with it— and it led me a loooong way. It is quite a bit of reading, to be sure, but it shouldn’t be entirely¬† bad. If it is, I will take it down. I wrote it mostly to throw out there why my depression has eaten me alive for so long, as well as how it has changed, and what I feel will get rid of it.

I know that lately I have put a lot of information up about myself. I am not doing it because I think much of myself, really, but that perhaps it will show you that I am a real person who is blogging about reality (my only reality, actually ^_^). I think that nowadays, people try to make themselves seem flawless on the Internet, when in reality, we are human beings who are just like everyone else in the sense that we all have the same organs, we all have blood flowing through our bodies, we all breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, and we all have experience the same needs (hunger, sleep, comfort, love, etc). We are truly all equal in that.

Anyway, before I end up writing yet another lengthy post… bye.


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