A Change of Pace

I’m not out of ideas for Inspiring Video of the Week. Not nearly. However, I want to do a video of my choice, since tomorrow is my birthday. I don’t want to disappoint whoever might look forward to the Inspiring Video of the Week, but doing only inspiring videos is a bit dull after a while. To spice it up, I guess, I want to add a song that I really love– regardless of content or message. I have a lot to choose from, so it might take me a little bit to choose as well as to make the video– but… well…
I guess it would be smarter to go on and start looking rather than type about needing to look. So yeah…


2 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. Hmm… what about a weekly song with a description of what it means to you and why instead of the meaning the song is trying to get across? We had to do something like that for my Juvenile Justice class with risk factors mentioned in songs and it offers a nice insight to both the song and your views on it. (For an example seek out my Youth of a Nation post)

    • Good idea… However, the idea, originally, for the Inspiring Music Video of the Week was to let people have some glimpse of something better than the morning they woke up to. When you wake up and have nothing ahead of you but school, commutes, and work… even the smallest glimmer of inspiration helps… Or so I was hoping.
      But, when I finally run out of videos, I suppose I can start doing that. The reason I haven’t done ALL of the videos that I just WANT to, really, is because one of them in question is Dig by Mudvayne– and if you take the time to look up the lyrics, there is no way on earth that it can be misconstrued as Inspiring in any possible way. A nice song (for me and my personal tastes, especially for certain moods) to be sure, but not Inspiring. Not a Monday-morning song to wake up to that will lift your spirits.

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