I Hope That’s the Last of Them

I went to sleep at about 4am, and was planning to sleep until 3:30pm. Didn’t go that way, though. I was called 6 times by the same college. About twice an hour. Previous days, when they’d call, I’d answer and they’d hang up or not answer me. Fed up, I finally answered and told them to take me off their list, as I was no longer interested in college for the time being. I sincerely hope that the whole ordeal is finally over and I can actually get some sleep during the days when I need to. Now the only thing I SHOULD have to worry about are the neighbors who come out at the crack of dawn yelling g-d this and g-d that and all manner of things. They also do that until about 10pm. Yay.

But, at least my other neighbors are nice and courteous. I will actually miss it here, when I go to leave for Lexington with Vlad.


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