10 Facts About Nina

I decided to just throw this out there for no reason. Seriously, I have no idea what I’m doing this for. But, in any case, here goes nothing.

1. My favorite artist that sings in my native language is Seether.

2. My favorite artist that sings in a foreign language is Utada Hikaru.

3. When I become obsessed with something, I go through my extensive list of downloaded songs and make a playlist that reminds me of whatever I’m obsessing over. The list can reach up to 10 hours long.

4. I find it extremely hard to sleep if I don’t listen to music. I usually lean toward dark music, preferably metal– and the reason is that when I was a kid, I told myself that bad things were afraid of dark music, and if I played dark music while I sleep, they won’t bother me. Of course, I always knew I was lying to myself, but it sure works.

5. I have the awkward ability to play music in my head. Nearly any song that I’ve heard before, I can play back in my head like a stereo. Also, when someone asks me how a song goes, most times I can just sing any given part of the song until they remember it. On top of that, when I am listening to the radio with people, and a song comes on that I’ve heard before, I can tell you what song it is, who it’s by, sometimes what album it is off of– all within the first 3 seconds.

6. I will twist my own arm off in an attempt to not be rude. Seriously, perhaps it’s because I have always been in an environment where everyone is rude to each other, with a lot of it pointed at me.

7. I don’t like roses, really. If someone wanted to give me a symbol of love, I’d prefer one that doesn’t wilt. I would like something emblazoned with the Celtic knot– a symbol of unending true love.

8. I gave up on fame before I reached high school. By the time I was in high school, I realized it would be literally impossible for me to become famous for my singing. For one, I am not terribly good, but also I am afraid of people. Being in front of a crowd terrifies me.

9. I don’t keep secrets about myself. I feel that if you try to keep something hidden, people will eventually find it out and spread it so that it becomes a bigger ordeal than it would have been originally. However, if someone trusts me enough to tell me a secret, I sure as hell won’t betray them.

10. When something lodges in my mind, I can only dislodge it in certain ways. For example: right now I am hearing the sound the baby turtles make in the second Spyro game. That means that I want to play that game. Until I play that game, I will continue to hear that excruciatingly annoying noise.


2 thoughts on “10 Facts About Nina

  1. You seem like a really cool person. I think that you should start singing in front of crowds, though. It’s a good way to train yourself not to be scared. 🙂

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