Ahh, Sleep

I think what my problem had been was that I was anxious over my lack of a job… because now I sleep like the dead. It’s even easy to go back to sleep– which is making me sleep for 12 hours each night.

I’m a little sad about that, because I’m not getting anything done… work, sleep, work, sleep. But, it’s something that everyone does. On my days off, I still don’t get anything done, though, or so it seems.

Yesterday my fiance came over, and we played a game. We use my recording program to say something while the other plugs their ears, and then we take it and play it backwards and see if the other can guess what was said. We laughed for hours. We also watched some movies (28 Days Later, House of Wax, Monster Squad).

Well, I have to go. Just called my mom and she has bowls of my favorite foods ready for me to eat. My birthday seemingly came early ^_^.


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