Check-In Time

Well, my old friend has made his blog, and, as promised, I am going to put a link to it on mine. He uses a lot of big words and may seem a bit obnoxious at times, but I’m sure that will wear off in time. He is actually really funny and nice– I’ve known him since kindergarten.

Also, if you’re into Runescape, find him there too. He’s really cool and patient. I haven’t been on in months but if I found him on there he would explain what all changed and what I could do.

I’m not yet sure whether he’ll drop the lexicon language, but it’s a strong possibility.


5 thoughts on “Check-In Time

  1. Why thank you for the publicity, I’m trying to think of things to use this for so it will be a bit awkward in the starting days;I’ll have to do some formatting over the weekend. I’ll tone down my choice of words depending on the type of entry, I might make a side blog part for more casual conversation.

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