I Think I’m Okay Now

Well, I’m feeling better now. Still tired and in a bit of pain, but not freaked out. That’s the first time in quite a while that I remembered a dream in such vivid detail– usually I just wake up with a ton of unease and a headache, knowing that I had another nightmare, but not remembering much more than that it involved zombies. But that’s because most of my dreams are recurrent in the sense that they are almost carbon copies of each other. That one, as well as my last few, have been different, and thusly, more traumatizing. They’re more real.

Most of the time when I would have the nightmares, I would be hiding at my grandmother’s house, and the door won’t stay shut or lock. So I would have to constantly pray that they didn’t find the other 2 doors into the house while I hold that one shut. And, oddly enough, I would only escape entirely from the zombies by flying away from them. Seriously, flying. Sometimes with a broomstick.

So naturally when my zombie dreams started to get, well, believable, it was kind of debilitating.

Anyway, the reason I decided to make this second post about basically the same thing as the first is because it seemed really funny– perfect for Halloween, right?– and I wanted to know if anyone else has had any psychotic dreams lately.

And I wanted to say one more thing. If you ever feel weird for having an irrational fear, just remember that someone has one that’s worse. A fear of zombies is not as bad as a fear of women with large foreheads (my boyfriend is petrified of women with huge foreheads. He says they look menacing and intimidating. He has literally scrambled behind me and ducked to hide from a “scary forehead”). I’m not making fun, I’m just throwing that out there.


What do you think?

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