The Worst Has Happened…

Ever been so tired that not even videos of cute kittens and their hilarious antics could keep you awake? I mean KITTENS, man! You can’t not laugh at kittens!

But I’m staying up all day today. No more daytime sleeping– it doesn’t work out well, you know. I tried to sleep yesterday and got about 7 calls from colleges that I had apparently signed up to learn about. That was because the first guy who called pretty much wouldn’t let me get off, even if I was pretty blunt about it, until I told him my address and signed me up for what will probably be another 300 college brochures in my mailbox.

Seriously, so many! I felt like every time I would doze off, another college would call. And to make it worse, when they finally stopped, my mom texted me and asked what I was doing. I replied that I was trying to sleep. So she called me. And talked to me until I was fully awake.

I love my mom, and I love talking to her, but I wish that she could have just taken note of what she wanted to talk about and then talk about it later… because I ended up unable to go back to sleep again, and stayed up all night– once again– as a result. So I have been up for quite a while… but I should be used to it, right?

And since I told all the colleges that they woke me up, I’m expecting them to all call this afternoon, probably all at once, with my luck. A few of them are really nice to talk to– in fact, I made friends with one of them– and it is pretty much the high point of my day to talk to him.

Anyway, I digress. I am sleep deprived, and can no longer find amusement with funny videos, thus I had to rant about the cause of my sleep deprivation.

I must go before I start on again…


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