Dressing Up

I went to a Halloween party last night, and it was a lot of fun. I dressed up as a Black Mage (I bragged to my nerd-friends that I was level 99, or that I completed the Sphere Grid—Like if you know what the Sphere Grid is!) I MIGHT put pictures of my costume on here. It just depends. I’m sure someone out there would love to see the real Nina, but for now, I think I’ll remain relatively faceless.

Also, because I am (as usual) unable to feel sleepy, I will probably stay up way too long again. So anyone who wants to talk with me about Unreality (Academy) or ask me about a character they want me to draw, I’ll be able to reply within a short time.

I will be working on a new lyrical video, so there is that to look forward to, as well. More details (on who sings/what song) will be displayed on a later post. Just remember that Monday is Motivational Video Day! Be on the lookout, so that perhaps you can have some happiness with your morning cup of coffee. (I will try hard as I can to add it fairly early in the morning, but I’m in central time zone, so bear with me!)

Anyway, that’s all for now!


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