Inspiring Song of the Week: Neko–Remember

I can not get enough of this song—for many reasons. One is the message. It is a powerful and true idea that everyone should absolutely understand. This is one of those songs that can make you cry, depending on how you feel. It makes me wanna sing it out, as loud as I can (nothing new), because the emotion of this song is so contagious! It is also very creatively portrayed in the video, (I did not sub it) and I find myself enraptured by this video. It just feels right. And that brings me to the next reason why I like this song. It sounds amazing in every way. Neko is an amazing band (if they sound familiar, that’s because they sang my favorite cover of Ponponpon, which I posted a while back)! Anyway, have fun singing along to this song for the rest of the week. I know I will.


One thought on “Inspiring Song of the Week: Neko–Remember

  1. I think I’ll post an inspiring song every monday– because that’s the day we need it. Lol

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