Remember When I Said I Would Make Videos?

I am in the process, at the time of writing this, of uploading my first video to Youtube. It is a lyrical video (by that, I mean that it is subtitled in both Romanized Japanese and English, so English-speaking people can sing along and know what they’re singing while still watching the video) of Rinne as done by Glutamine. It is an amazing song– and I will, as promised in an earlier post, put a link to my channel as well as the video onto the blog, so that way anyone with a request (I will do songs that are in English, too) will be able to tell me what they want and subscribe to my channel so they can see when it comes out.

I will tell you right now, though. If I personally do not like the song, I will not do it. I don’t want to listen to a song that I hate for 3 hours. I apologize, but I assure you I have a versatile taste in music. The only things I would likely refuse are things like Ke$ha, Justin Beiber, or most anything with rap in it. No. Just… just no.

I have many lyrical videos already in the works. I intend to do Alanis Morissette, the 80’s band “Yes,” Sting, The Police, Maximum the Hormone, Malice Mizer, KoRn, Utada Hikaru– These are in no particular order, by the way– and songs from video games, such as 1000 Words (FFX-2). Also, if I find a video that adequately does a song that you request, I will post a link to it, so that way you don’t even have to wait for it. There’s no use in doing something that someone else has already done beautifully.


One thought on “Remember When I Said I Would Make Videos?

  1. 10 minutes later… I never knew that uploading was such a painfully slow process…
    Hope it hurries up so I can go to sleep.
    It’s getting pretty close to being done, and when it is done, I will post it here!

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