After a month of unemployment, I believe I am finally about to have a job again– perhaps two! There were open interviews at a local restaurant, and I did excellent (and that is coming from someone who flinches away from compliments). So, when I got home, about to post something, someone from a previous place that I’d applied at called and asked me to come in for an interview in an hour. It also went amazing (beyond amazing, actually)!

After almost entirely losing hope, things are starting to look up. Perhaps tonight I will finally sleep soundly, without fear of the recurrent nightmares that have kept me awake since I lost my job. I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged me (you know who you are), and everyone who follows my blog– each of you have given me strength to keep posting. I am just so ecstatic! WOOOOOO! I want some ice cream! Who wants ice cream?


2 thoughts on “SUCCESS!!!!

  1. kel37blah says:

    That is so awesome! Congrats on this new open door for you!

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