Life’s Tiny Ironies

It has been too long since I’ve seen this page! My computer unexpectedly decided that it no longer wanted to associate with Internet servers, so I have been unable to get on the Internet. Hilariously enough, that same day, I received the opportunity to get free Internet at home. Which I could not use now.

On top of that, my laptop fell from the coffee table while still plugged up, and the entire underside of the laptop was… cracked away. It now charges only by inserting the charger into the port at a 130 degree angle.

In other words: It is massacred.

My boyfriend was generous enough to let me use his old laptop, which is almost identicle to the one I had (only it’s functional…), until he can get a family friend of his who is learned in the art of computer-repair to take a look at my sad, sad little laptop.

On the bright side, this other laptop, although a bit slower than mine, works just fine and its keys feel right, somehow. Also, how it is laid out is better, overall. The plug-in port is on the opposite side, and the usb ports aren’t too close together, so I can use them both at the same time, unlike my old laptop. That and it works. I have to undergo the laborious task of getting all of my favorites set up, swapping flash drives back and forth, and crying inconsolably over how slow this laptop can be. It took five minutes to load this page.

But did I mention it works?


What do you think?

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