An Update on Through My Eyes

As promised, I will post any changes or additions to the story and refer you to my deviatArt profile. As for this Update, I started a picture detailing the main characters in the story. I encourage you to go look at it. I will reinforce that this is only begun, for so far only one character is portrayed. Hopefully, tonight I can add another. I hope to fit 3 characters on the page, including one who hasn’t been introduced in the story as of yet.

Also, I apologize for not posting so often now, as I said, I no longer have regular Internet access, and when I do, what I do with it is limited.

I have a few ideas on things to post, but for right now I don’t have the time nor the privacy to post them.


2 thoughts on “An Update on Through My Eyes

  1. Will you be putting a link on here (maybe I’m missing it?) to your deviat Art profile? I hope so!!

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