Farewell For Now

I might be without Internet for another few days, because I am going home today. However, I will continue to monitor the site as much as I can, and check in as frequently as possible. Who knows? I might be on tomorrow, or next week. I’ll have to play it by ear.

About the story, I will continue working on it, but I might stop if I don’t get any feedback. Because, seriously, there’s no point in me writing it if it’s just going to take up space and no one will read it. So, give me a comment, or something, drop me a line. If you vote I should just take it off, that’s what I’ll do. Won’t hurt me that much.

While I’m away, I have a LOT of stuff to do, namely drawing, editing, working on songs I was supposed to learn weeks ago… so if I do check in, it might not be very much information being put out. In fact, my deviantArt account might be updated before this blog, so check there if I don’t post anything in the next couple of days.

The reason my blog has been so spastic is because I am not only trying to figure out what to make it about, but trying to figure what I’m about. This blog is/has been an experience that I hadn’t expected, and it makes me think really hard about who I am and what I will become. Sure, it might not be that exciting sometimes, but I’m still trying to understand what’s going on in my head. That is what the story is partially about, too.

So, in short, I will be gone for a little while. I hope to know what I’m doing with the story by the time I come back, and hopefully I will have more things to post to both this site and my dA account.


What do you think?

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