Nina Crowlace? Whodat?

I have thought for a while about doing this particular post… Just not sure if it’s a good idea, but why not?

My Gravatar picture (the picture that appears next to my comments, the one in the column to your left, etc) is not of me. That would be kind of obvious. I found the image itself on the Internet years ago, and then used something else I found (an abstract Cherokee tomahawk drawing) to create the tattoos around the eyes. I changed the color of the eyes from red to brown… The picture was supposed to represent a character I made in 3rd grade (she didn’t have tattoos until I updated the entire story in 6th grade). She was the very first Goth character I made. In other words, she was, for a long time, my favorite character. That’s why, when choosing my Gravatar, I didn’t hesitate to use that picture.

As for what I really look like, I’m not too eager to share. One day, I might start posting videos that show what I look like and how I sound, but until then, (to quote a Disturbed song) “I’m not willing to leave the realm of anonymity!”


What do you think?

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