I Think I Should Go On And Say This:

Anyone who disapproves of cursing, I apologize that I might occasionally let a word or two slip into my stories, sometimes. Please be lenient with me on that.

I already decided on a name for the story, which you will see as the category I posted it under.

I’m planning on doing some organizing and explore the options I have concerning the layout of my blog… Please be patient and if you have any suggestions (or advice. Which I desperately need) feel free to drop me a line in the comments. This is my first blog, after all, and I don’t entirely know what I’m doing. I am just kind of going along with it, hoping that I’m doing okay.

Also, to anyone who is reading the story, I would love to see comments about the story, questions, or even guesses on where it is going. Having said this, there is ONE person I am barring from guessing—she has known me for way too long and knows where my stories are going almost before I do! And she knows who she is :^). I invite her to put a link to her blog in the comments of this post—if she’s interested.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in what I posted thus far, concerning Japanese music, I would love to make a sub-category or two entirely about really good Japanese music. (And American music. And all countries in between. I don’t really discriminate.)

If I post anything in the future that may be offensive to ANYONE, I will try to entitle it, or mention in the first line, that people who are offended by (insert whatever may cause offense) should not watch it, or ask a parent’s permission before watching. I don’t want to be the cause of any issues if I can help it.

In addition, I have thought further into making a youtube channel, as well as a deviantart profile. I’ve even started making a video in response to Nomad (who makes videos about the games Shadow of the Colossus and Ico) about a few of his (awesome!) videos. I intend to post music videos with subtitles/translations eventually, but first I will have to obtain permission from the source of the video. I don’t like to steal. It’s not nice.

So, hopefully, by my next post, I will have a wealth of things to share with you guys.

AND LASTLY: If anyone makes off with my story, I will be very upset. And I will stop progress on it entirely, and remove it from the blog promptly. To anyone who would even think of stealing my work: Don’t be a jerk. Write your own stuff.


What do you think?

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