New Beginnings

Over the course of my life, I discovered that every story I wrote or began writing either foreshadowed something in my life or made me aware of a problem within myself and gave me answers to how to deal with it. The reason I mention this:

I have decided to start an entire story specific to this blog. I will only pray that it doesn’t get plagiarized. The other risk to doing this is loss of control to my other story that I was working on, The Door. Once I finish the ENORMOUS ordeal of editing and applying finishing touches (and finishing the artwork for the cover) I will find a way to publish it, and then will serialize it without fear.

As for the story I am planning to post, by the time I post this, I will likely have several entries already planned. Even if I have to walk to a place with wi-fi, I will post an entry in the story as often as I can.

Also, for anyone wondering where my post regarding the concept art went… even though I put watermarks on it as best I could, I became paranoid that someone could still take them and claim them as their own… and so I took the post down within hours of putting it up…

However, honestly, I don’t think you missed much… I write much better than I draw. Sometimes I just like to see if I can draw the person I see in my head—but it never looks like I imagine (except for very rare cases).

As for details on this story that I’m setting aside for the blog—I don’t have any yet, at the time of this post.

I was listening to a song (or actually, a cover of a song) and I got a glimpse of something during a specific part.

In a different post, I will go into detail on what I mean by that, and I will also have more information on the new story.

To end this post, I thank you for reading, and for following my blog. Please, post a comment. Give me some feedback. Criticism. Requests. Anything, really. I really want to make this interesting for other people, and make it less of a diary that everyone has the key to.

Nina Crowlace


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