What is wrong in the Gaming World?—My (meager albeit strong) Opinion

If you wonder why I always post about PS2 games, that would be because I simply own only that PS2 and about 30-something games. I also sport 4 PS2 memory cards, and an original Playstation memory card.

If I ever get another console, it will definitely be a PS3. I do not like the PS4, because of the whole “no backwards-compatible” thing, as well as the “NO USED GAME” rule.

Seriously? If I let a friend borrow a cd, that’s not terrible. It’s promoting the artist. If I let a friend borrow a book, or I go to the library and check out a book, that is not a bad thing—that is what those medias are for: giving someone an experience for which it was designed. A game is no different, other than its usability is dictated by a machine made by greedy corporate eggheads.

Perhaps the gaming community should not be persecuted so much. Am I right? After all, that is what this is. Persecution. We pay for the same game multiple times. I bought Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (Which are so amazing they will make you have a nearly religious experience) for PS2, and then they came out with the “remastered” versions for PS3. Oh, so you have to buy it again for better graphics. Let’s just hope that by buying this secondary copy, you are assured that the “camera glitches” that gave the game a less than stellar rating are fixed in this version.

Oh, but now they’re even more greedy. Now, you can not get your old games to work on your new consoles. What are they going to do? Remaster them again and sell them even steeper? Not only that, but if in a house of siblings who each have their own console but share the games—now you have to buy two copies of one game. Otherwise, the game will not work because it is considered used.

I suppose that ranting about those tiny INSIGNIFICANT issues is a bit tiresome, both for me and whoever may have been unfortunate enough to read through this.

But seriously. Gamers are being used to fill the corporate piggy bank. And we seem to be taking it while lying down…


This entire rant, I just remembered, was my explanation to why I only have a PS2. It turned into a pep talk to gamers, almost encouraging them to boycott something that they are definitely not going to boycott.

However, one can dream. Perhaps the people who teabag someone in Halo will grow a real pair and stand up for their wallet and their dignity as a gamer, refusing to eat from the hands of corporate scum.

Oops, there I go again… Bye for now


2 thoughts on “What is wrong in the Gaming World?—My (meager albeit strong) Opinion

  1. Omega says:

    So, gonna just say ps4 can play used games. they have always been able to play used games and forever will. Now xbone first started out as no used games but seen Sony was selling way more then them so from then on Microsoft said hey Sony, were gonna copy you. Used games are allowed. As far as playing previous gen games, you can only play if you got them from psn. But if you had a ps3 before hand just dont sell it. Cause you cannot use ps3 discs. I talk to PlayStation A lot so trust me on that.

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