The Door

So I was just thinking up random things and this idea eased its way into my head. At first, it was just an idea. I thought “Yeah, that would be fun, as a break from this other book I’ve been working on for a year…” and “Well, a short story won’t hurt. It won’t be much of a detour to just try to write it, to clear up my writer’s block on another book.”

110 pages later, I can barely remember the book I was previously working on. The book that would “make a sweet short story” is called The Door. And it is an experience indeed, in writing. I have all of it written, except the most important scene where the antagonist is confronted. Who plans an entire world and doesn’t give thought to the culminating moment?! Apparently, I do.

So, although I am having the worst writer’s block, I am already working on a sequel. I suppose I am a glutton for punishment…

I want to serialize parts of The Door, and perhaps release my prototype cover for when I publish the book.

However, as a new blogger (and admittedly new to the entire blogging experience…) I am terrified that someone will insult my book, my characters… And while that seems a little funny (since I will probably never know the people who hate my stories), I just can’t stand to feel that part of my soul that I laboriously removed from myself and nurtured and pruned to perfection being slandered by people who don’t see the thing that I saw when I wrote that story.

But, I suppose that most people who are passionate about what they do feel the same, one way or the other.


What do you think?

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