Does anyone love Seether? I do, and have for quite a long time. Any hardcore Seether fans (or even the newer ones) who want to learn more, find good music, or just kill time while reading about one of the most inspiring, humble, and sweet guys in the music industry—as far as I know (I have not met him, but I aspire to. Shaun Morgan!!!!! *epic fangirl squeal*)– visit this website!

Personal faves:


Tied My Hands (ALL THREE VERSIONS!!! Original, Acoustic, and Live)

Cover of Something in the Way by Nirvana

Dazed and Abused (From back when they were Saron Gas)

Dead Seeds

Naked (A b-side from their album Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces)

(And many, many more, but I shouldn’t type entire discographies in here….)



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